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hip and with our feet it needs to be angry and a little scary the way a song can be carey it needs not to ask thrermings permission or to get permanents or set-up offices or to make salaries. it won't be recorded or bought or sold, or counted. it may just happen if it's not a question of inventing but remembering. buried under the leaves of trauma and sorrow beneath the river of semen and sequel low vaginas and labor 88's sled and had extracted stolen, body mine, mind body. it is not about asking now or
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waiting it's about rising. raise your arms my sisters my brother, raise your one billion, your one heart, your one of us. i used to be afraid of love. it hurt too much. but what never happened got ripped away the rape the wound, the love i thought it was salt. but i was wrong i was wrong, step into the fire. raise your arms and raise your one billion. 111111 rising rising rising rising ... yeah ...
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(applause) . there is one more story one of many millions that happen everyday and i bet that each one of us knows an example a real experience like this: so we can stop that. and we are here because of susan b anthony she had a dream as well. one billion rising san francisco is closing this world-wide event and we are going to it dancings and right now i would love to bring back to the stage here x to the microphone mayor lee for the problem we have to get committed. >> are we ready for the pledge? yeah. >> if i can ask all of you raise the hand with the one
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billion and repeat after me i am one of the one billion rising. >> i am one of the one billion rising. and i pledge that today february 142013, judge and i pledge that today february 1814, 2013, i feel make violence against woman and girls a priority of our time. and help to end it in my family. and help to end it in my family. >> my school my school. >> my workplace my community. >> my community and in san francisco california, and beyond. >> and in san francisco california, and beyond - one billion rising.
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>> one billion rising. that you all very much and if you care, now turn to the person next to you and tell them out loud your personal pledge. >> . >> you do you want to dance? i can't hear you do you want to dance? >> student: one billion rising one billion rising let the world hear you. >> one billion rising. >> revolting this moment. one billion rising. let us move and thank you so
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much for being here and supporting the movement. (applause) we will be dancing this is but some people will not and cannot dance so would you be so kind to open up the stage for this to fill up.? more space again, you can go all the way to the street. [inaudible] gather around ... we need more space on this side
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... (music ...)
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February 20, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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